Circle Sprout Necklace

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Organic shapes and playful lines garnish this sophisticated necklace with a whimsical mood. A necklace to brighten your day and liven your look. Reminiscent of a floral arrangement, this sterling silver necklace is oxidized while the silver buds are given a shiny finish adding contrasting elements and modern design. Contemporary jewelry at its most whimsical, this necklace will be a lovely addition to your jewelry collection. The pendant is appx 2" in diameter and hangs on a 17" sterling silver chain, which can be adjusted to any length upon request. 


A celebrated jeweler working out of Asheville North Carolina, Olivia de Soria creates art-jewelry with a sculptural and kinetic flare. Sensuality is the embodiment of her designs which adorn the feminine figure with distinguished style and grace. Olivia’s design process has been extensively influenced by cultural traditions from all over the world. She spent six months in the Persian Gulf doing field research on the history of pearl diving. All of her research and photographs can be seen at