Brass and Silver Kinetic Wires Necklace

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Modern jewelry to adorn your body and satiate your restless fingers. A lovely necklace with shapely movement.  The sterling silver wires are kinetic and can move back and forth through the holes drilled into the brass pendant. You wont be able to resist playing with it to keep your fingers busy and to transform the shape of the pendant. The pendant is 2 1/2" long but can be made to any length upon request. 


A celebrated jeweler working out of Asheville North Carolina, Olivia de Soria creates art-jewelry with a sculptural and kinetic flare. Sensuality is the embodiment of her designs which adorn the feminine figure with distinguished style and grace. Olivia’s design process has been extensively influenced by cultural traditions from all over the world. She spent six months in the Persian Gulf doing field research on the history of pearl diving. All of her research and photographs can be seen at